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Some people have many different problems with their computers and have to keep bringing it in for service. Our new service plans have been created for these kind of PC users. A ‘one plan covers all’ service plan has been implemented to allow users to save on the costs of repairs. With our expert service plans, all your computer problems can be covered with one low cost. Stop by today to find out more.

Our infrastructure analysis can help identify problems for your business that you weren’t even aware existed. A technician can come out and perform a complete analysis of your network and devices to see what problems, risks, and other threats exist. A plan to correct these problems or improve the infrastructure can be done with this report. Call to schedule one today.

Having to bring in your computer for service can be a hassle. Unplugging all those cables and carrying the tower into the store is something no one wants to do. Through our new remote support software we are able to resolve problems remotely by connecting to your computer. You can grant a technician access and revoke it when the problem is resolved. The repairs are done much quicker and efficiently than ever before.

The internet is a dangerous place. There are many threats out there including viruses, malware, and spyware. Users may experience problems with these type of malicious software more than once. Computer Experts now offers virus removal warranty plans that cover clean ups throughout the year for one price. You no longer have to pay every time for an expensive virus removal that could occur at any moment.

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Why do I need managed services?

network-icon-resizedWith the increasing number of cyber security threats out there to businesses of all sizes it has become essential to have someone managing your IT infrastructure.

Do you need help with your PC?

icon-pc-resizedWe offer a variety of onsite and in-store services for business and residential clients.